The first few months of the new decade have definitely been rough for everyone, but also full of positive change. We are seeing an even greater case for adopting digital strategies and tapping an overlooked but growing investor base.

Real-time stock data feeds

The internet allows us to have any information at our fingertips. Yet, one of the biggest hurdles to self-investing and trading is the access to data. Publicly available stock data has a substantial time lag. So crucial in making trading decisions, it allows firms to monetize the data. The SEC has now asked the NYSE ($ICE), Nasdaq ($NDAQ) and Cboe Global Markets ($CBOE) to increase transparency and revamp the management real-time stock data feeds.

Flood into online brokerage accounts

With more access to information, the first 3 months of the year saw a stampede into self-investing:

TD Ameritrade ($AMTD) alone added 608K new accounts, 3x more than the number of users in March of last year.
According to App Annie, investing and trading apps have seen 55% increased growth in usage time.
Trading app Robinhood closed a $280M Series F funding at an $8.3B valuation.
How do you raise awareness with this growing base? Traditional tactics become moot. All of our programs have this end investor in mind. At Plexus we have created a database of 320,000+ retail investors and relationships with 340+ online investing and trading communities with a potential reach of 14.8 million. Download our 2020 Investor Persona report for more information.

Virtual IPOs

Norway’s Pexip ($PEXIP) went public on the Oslo stock exchange oversubscribed by 12 times, soaring in the early days of trading. They found that 100% of their virtual 1-on-1 meetings led to subscriptions.

Plexus Media has been hosting streamlined online retail investor roadshows for the past couple of years. We do all the heavy lifting with our Spotlight program.

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI)

FinTech companies are seizing opportunities to use technology in the outdated financial services industry. AI has taken finance to the next level. Algorithms have paved the way for quant funds, ETFs, efficient matching and clearing services etc. Data is optimized to enhance portfolios as well as operational efficiency. Reporting and analytics means higher accuracy for decision making.

We recently introduced a video analysis solution that uses facial recognition to detect emotion and engagement. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning delivered by the solution, Plexus can validate the messaging of a client’s corporate presentation and suggest ways to improve the pitch for higher conversion into the investment through our recently launched Video Pitch Analysis solution. You can also check out our Chatter program to see what investors are saying about you– you might be surprised!

Each of our programs provides monthly reports with valuable data and analytics to optimize your campaign. We show you impressions, mentions, investor sentiment etc. Clients find this crucial to their campaigns to know where to focus their efforts.