How can Untapped Lab optimize your content strategy?

Investor marketing success is determined by a company’s access to analytics and data surrounding their content that’s being shared across the web by publications, influencers, and in social media groups. With this in mind UntappedLab developed a top notch dashboard that provides the analytics you need to manage your investor marketing content strategy and make smart and replicable business decisions. 

The Untapped dashboard provides:

  • Total number of posts across contributors
  • Links to each of your syndicated posts
  • Post images
  • Reach (the number of users who have come across a particular piece of content on a social platform)
  • Engagement (measures the public shares, likes, and comments on a post)

Being able to track the engagement, reach, and overall sentiment to your posts is extremely valuable! Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to keep up to date with your content’s metrics:

Help you create a better strategy

If you study your analytics regularly you will be able to figure out what types of content are thriving and which are resulting in mediocre metrics. Knowing this information can help you optimize your strategy and fortify it. 

This includes identifying the topics your audience is searching for online or what type of questions they are asking in social media conversations.

Check the temperature of your audience

Social media listening can be defined as: “The process of tracking online conversations to learn what people are saying about a specific brand, industry, person, etc. and use the insights as business leverage.”

The UntappedLab dashboard allows you to easily view the types of responses that you’re getting on your company’s syndicated content, allowing for convenient and simple social listening. 

This data can help you modify your strategy to better connect with current and potential customers/investors.

Discover what type of content does best

Two pieces of content can perform very differently. A press release covering a new addition to your leadership team might get significantly less engagement or positive sentiment than a short video discussing your company’s positive financial statement – But you won’t be able to tell what content types and topics are best unless you have the appropriate data to analyze!

On UntappedLab’s dashboard, you’ll be able to access the reach and engagement rates for all of your syndicated content, allowing you to notice any trends among high-ranking content. 

Reflecting on your content’s analytics should direct the changes you may need to make to your digital marketing strategy, tactics, and messaging. It can be an ongoing process in terms of the metrics and content alignment, but, ultimately, you’ll be thankful you put in the work!

Get these advanced analytics right at your fingertips with UntappedLab.