Got questions? See below a few frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Even if you don’t want to register your channel today, you can begin to receive updates about UntappedLab and other Distribution Partner news by registering on the platform! To register, you only need to provide a name, email address, and create a password. We do not require any other personal information to sign up. Then, you will be added to our mailing list for updates!

Distribution Partners are paid the first week of each month from all campaigns completed during the previous month.

Upon completion of the campaign, UntappedLab will pay via check or digitally. You will earn an agreed upon amount based on the campaign. To get paid, you MUST complete the reporting portion, where you submit proof of posting and the post link to our platform.

Compensation is determined depending on potential reach, engagement, and your previous successes as an UntappedLab distribution partner. The rate is always provided  before a campaign begins with any distribution partners!

You will be contacted when your community is the right fit for any of the distribution opportunities available. If none suits you, standby for future opportunities!

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are the best way for us to protect our process and our clients. Despite signing an NDA, you are not obligated to participate in the program or share a client’s news piece if you’re not comfortable with it.

As a Distribution Partner, you still have free rein to accept or pass on a campaign.

News is distributed during high traffic/engagement times on each channel, which means that it may not be “instant” but it’s designed to be the most impactful.

We expect you to know when that high traffic time is for your group and post the link within 24 hours of the scheduled date.

UntappedLab’s clients are diverse and cover sectors such as tech, mining, real estate, cannabis, psychedelics, healthcare, and more. If you fall into a sector outside of those listed please still apply! UntappedLab’s client base is constantly growing so if your channel doesn’t meet the criteria now you should still apply, we may have need in the future!

UntappedLab will supply you with three types of content:

  1. Official Press Releases (detailing financials, upcoming industry events, conference calls, operations or production updates, etc.)
  2. Media Coverage (third-party articles, podcasts, video interviews, etc.)
  3. Company Content (blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, etc.)

Reporting includes:

  • Number of reactions, comments, and shares on posts
  • Estimated potential investors/traders reach
  • Total number of news posts shared
  • Total number of comments
  • Some examples of comment narrative

You can add text above the link, but UntappedLab requires that the text cannot be an opinion nor promotional. It must be part of the news or a publicly accessible fact. This ensures that both you and the UntappedLab program remains within the limits of the law when distributing content of a publicly traded company.

Yes! We prefer that you select the categories that are relevant for your channel so that our technology and appropriately match your group with content that needs to be distributed. The more suited the content is for your audience, the more successful the posts (and overall campaign) will be!

You can select the categories of content that are relevant for you in your UntappedLab Distribution Partner application. This information can also be updated at any time.

As the channel manager, you will know what content resonates with your community best. Please select the links that will work best for your audience. You will never be required to post a link, however, you will not be paid for any link that you don’t post.

If your video content channel is approved, you can record a short video letting your audience know there’s some news you saw, and copy/paste the link in the video description. See an example here: https://partner.untappedlab.com/video-channel-example

UntappedLab is conscious that you want to refrain from appearing “spammy” or like a “sell-out”, so you can post as many links as you feel are appropriate.

Engagement, not follower numbers, matters. A community that’s engaged is much more likely to see, respond, and act on posts within a group. The UntappedLab team reviews engagement on each channel and ensures that there’s a strong sense of community with each group before they are added to the network. 

During the vetting process, to be included as an UntappedLab Distribution Partner, managers of each network must demonstrate that they’re consistently engaged with their group or community.

Reporting is all completed directly in the UntappedLab platform. You must submit a screenshot of your post AND submit a live link to the post as well. 

If the post is hidden behind group permissions, please be sure to add your UntappedLab team member contact to the group when they request it so that they can validate your post’s engagement!

The UntappedLab team carefully vets and reviews each Distribution Partner during the application process and during their work as a partner. All distribution partners are vetted and digitally sign a formal agreement and non-disclosure agreement prior to becoming a part of the UntappedLab database. 

Some of the statistics that are reviewed include; engagement on posts, total channel reach, relevant sector(s) or categories, content, established reputation of community, and creation date of the group.

Yes! If you can accept payment from PayPal, we would love to have you.

As long as you (and any relevant group admins/managers) are okay with it, you can submit ALL of your channels, if you like. UntappedLab will assess each on its own to decide if it’s a good fit for the program. Those channels that are approved, will become a part of the UntappedLab network database and receive offers when they’re right for your community!

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