Untapped Labs is proud to be the only streamlined platform for rapidly and strategically sharing company news to 14.8 potential retail investors. In today’s post, we dive into who these investors really are.

Approximately $1 trillion of wealth will transfer from the baby boomer generation to their children by 2026. This younger generation of investors has vastly different expectations than their parents — they are more inclined to invest by themselves (not using traditional wealth managers) and they consume their information online through trusted sources.

Who is the Average Retail Investor?

The Untapped Labs team sampled 9 public companies, with an average market cap of $65M, and covered 431 days on average per company. All data was collected anonymously from multiple digital channels and assets (email, social, website) and found:

Today, over 50 million households in North America engage in some sort of investing activity. While a single average retail investor may not invest millions of dollars of capital into your company (like an institutional investor might), they can increase your overall raise and diversify your shareholder base. 

What is the Value of the Retail Investor?

Here are some ways that Untapped Lab’s average retail investor can affect your bottom line:

  • Generate buzz about an initial public offering or during times that the sector may be cooling off
  • Increase overall liquidity 
  • Diversify your shareholder base
  • Early adopter influencers could trend long-term as advocates on all platforms (digital, word-of-mouth, publications, etc.)


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