Congratulations on your Regulation A+ (exemption from registration) raise! You’ve filed your paperwork, have been approved, and are ready to watch the money pile in. You’re ready to start receiving investment. Now what? 

Your biggest hurdle is yet to come—attracting potential investors.

Good news–you’re in the right place! The first step is evaluating your options for an investor marketing strategy that will optimize investor conversion. Untapped Labs is the first digital relations suite that is built for retail investor awareness, engagement and acquisition. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to create a winning investor marketing strategy with the support of Untapped Lab: 

7 steps for building your digital strategy: 

1. Build an online presence 

The first thing that someone does when wanting to know more about your company is: GOOGLE IT! Make sure you have a beautiful, functional website and engage in social media. This will build your credibility. 

2. Create content 

Start by figuring out key messaging which shows your value to investors. The beauty of digital marketing is the ability to amplify your message to millions of potential investors. To do this, content is king.  Spend time developing social media posts, articles, video content, and more. Need help creating content? Ask Untapped Lab for a list of preferred partners! 

3. Reach your target market

Once you have content it’s time to log on to the Untapped Lab platform. Choose who you want to reach. Choose your company sector, location of the investors you want to reach (Ex. US investors), and your reach. The higher your budget, the higher your potential reach. If you go all out, you can reach over 14.6 million potential retail investors in 340+ private investing communities with Untapped Labs.

4. Raises awareness

More and more investors are consuming their information online. They join and interact with people they trust in digital communities to form their investment theses. This is an untapped investor target market. Cultivating relationships since 2016, Untapped Labs is the only solution that provides you instant access to private and closed investing and trading communities. It is also the only platform with distribution on financial forums. Raise awareness by frequently engaging with this group. 

5. Nurture

After you get a list of interested investors, now what? Do you have time to follow up with hundreds of individuals? Better yet, is it worth your time? Could you be focusing on growing your business instead? Untapped Labs can create a lead nurturing email campaign. Through a series of emails, you will drip information to your interested investors to answer their questions, doubts, and continue engaging with them.

6. Optimize your approach

One of the most valuable  features of Untapped Labs is its reporting. Untapped Lab  provides you with valuable analytics to optimize your campaign. How many IR or PR firms can say the same? With Untapped Labs, you are able to see your impressions, reach, and sample posts. With this information you can calculate ROI and decide where to focus your resources or how to change your campaign. 

7. Convert Leads into investors

The final push is helping to finally convert leads into investors. You might want to add a calling desk to follow up with leads, if you don’t already have someone on your team for this. 

An investor marketing campaign is crucial to the success of your capital raise. Make sure you are targeting and engaging with potential investors on many channels. Ready for Untapped Lab to lighten the load? Book your demo here.

Good luck!